A set of merge requests were opened that would effectively drop X.Org (X11) session support for the GNOME desktop and once that code is removed making it a Wayland-only desktop environment.

Going along with Fedora 40 looking to disable the GNOME X11 session support (and also making KDE Plasma 6 Wayland-only for Fedora), upstream GNOME is evaluating the prospect of disabling and then removing their X11 session support.

Some concerns were raised already how this could impact downstream desktops like Budgie and Pantheon that haven’t yet fully transitioned over to Wayland. In any event we’ll see where the discussions lead but it’s sure looking like 2024 will be the year that GNOME goes Wayland-only.

  • aardA
    135 months ago

    User space is not breaking often enough for nvidia users. If it’d break regularly maybe users would either buy something with proper support, or force nvidia to open their stuff so it can be maintained like the rest, and no longer is a roadblock for progress.

    • @Vilian@lemmy.ca
      65 months ago

      nvidia has open-drivers, it’s shit, but they have

      (sometimes i go there to laugh)

      maybe these push can make nvidia fix the problems