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  • many parking spaces actually got converted to charging stations. and when building new parts of the city they could’ve taken the demand for parking into account.

    i agree that there are too many cars in the cities, but actively taking away parking isn’t how you solve that problem. that just makes people hate your political party.

    solving problems like this requires an actual alternative that is as comfortable as a car to use. then people will willingly give up their cars because there is no need.

  • i’m really into cars, and want to own (maybe modify) an MR2 1st gen.

    problem is: the german government is trying its best to make owning a car impossible or unattractive.

    nowadays you have to pay 1.90€ a litre of gas and rent a parking space (the ones that used to be free get converted to charging stations for BEVs or are only for people who live near it)

    getting a license has been increasing in cost for a while now, and we’re at the point where it’s up to 5000€ (i have one already, but it’s increasing the barrier of entry)

    modifying the cars is also basically illegal, i won’t get into it here though. the comment is long enough.

    additionally, the only political party that’s worth voting (in my opinion) is increasingly making cars the national enemy and is trying to introduce a speed limit on the autobahn.

    so the frequent occurence is basically incompetent politicians fucking over the consumer, giving right-wingers even more fuel.