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    Ive been here a while and I can definitely say Lemmy users are psychotic. They weren’t always this way though, when I first joined Lemmy people were kinda nice and laid back. But it very quickly became politically charged with extremists on both sides of the political aisle, and thats when everything crumbled.

    Posting and commenting on Lemmy feels like walking on eggshells now, when it used to be chill.

  • What you talk about is completely irrelevant to what I said. You are talking about consequences for actions, and I am talking about changing people’s thinking. These are two very different things.

    If they’re dead, they already made their choice. You think of them however you want. I agree with you that actions should absolutely have consequences, but that is not relevant in this context. A person thinking or believing something that is wrong should not have every person trying to kill them or commit some act of violence upon them.

    If they’re still alive, which is what I am talking about, there is no justifiable reason to kill a human unless they have committed a crime with the punishment of death. Thinking should not be a crime, even if that thinking is very wrong. I think a world where thinking something wrong can put you in the grave is a very dangerous future to try to advocate for. Especially when humans are the ones that decides what thinking is right or wrong, because the wrong thinking will always be whatever will remove power from a certain group.

    In your example, you mention you dying on train tracks that you decided to walk onto. What I am talking about is the way that onlookers and bystanders react to you being on the train tracks. Which is the better person: the person that begs and pleads for you to get off the train tracks maybe even grabbing you or physically trying to pull you off the tracks, or the person that pushes you into the oncoming train? My whole point is that people should be the ones trying to help get you off the train tracks, not the ones pushing you into the train and removing the chance you might have had to get off of the tracks.

    In the end its still your choice. But I would hope that you can agree that pushing you into the oncoming train would be a bad choice for someone else to choose.

  • What if they change their mind though? What if they see the error of their ways? Can you guarantee that all people who think that way will never change their thinking in the future?

    I think jumping directly to violence and killing is probably not the greatest idea. Yes, their ideology is bad, but they are still a human. All humans can change their mind without needing to have violence involved. There are people who have left similar walks of life as well, former KKK and mafia, etc. That’s not to say that they should be accepted or encouraged to keep holding Nazi ideals, but maybe let’s not incite violence against them? Is that not the same thing that they did to gain power? How would a person using their same tactics be any different or better than them? Sure, its not the easiest thing to do, but I think its more humane to try to show love for people by educating them rather than just killing people or being violent.

  • Depends on context?

    Nazi isnt a word that is banned on its own typically.

    Accusing someone of being a Nazi? Probably should be banned for that, unless you have actual evidence of the person youre accusing endorsing the specific policies of Nazis. Throwing that word around just to describe anyone you disagree with or doesn’t agree with you is quite frankly incredibly disrespectful to the people who had to suffer at the hands of actual Nazis, whether they are still alive or not. It cheapens the word.

    Speaking in a historical context? Definitely shouldn’t be banned for that.

    At the end of the day, it depends on the moderators of the instance and community. There is no guarantee anything you say or do online will prevent you from being banned. Even if you follow the rules.

  • I think this is fine. Everyone can spend their money how they want.

    Before the mobile gacha NieR Reincarnation shut down, I spent money on it, not even for characters or anything but just because I wanted Square Enix to let Yoko Taro make another game. I really enjoy his work.

    Super Mecha Champions is another gacha game (this time on Steam) that I have spent money on, but I also have over 450 hours in the game. To say I have gotten my money’s worth would be a colossal understatement.

    Now, there are also a lot of free to play games I haven’t spent a single dime on, for various reasons. NIKKE, Snowbreak, MechWarrior Online, Helldivers 2, Genshin Impact, Zenless Zone Zero, and DanMachi Memoria Freese, to name a few. These games arent necessarily bad, I just haven’t felt that these games have earned my money yet. And usually it comes down to me just not playing the game enough. My Cost vs Time balance doesn’t feel justified spending money on a free game like a paid game without me getting the same amount of enjoyment.

  • I really enjoy this game, I have been playing it for a while and it does scratch that SWAT4 itch. Some of my favorite missions are the Voll House, data center, school, and the streamer apartment. Missions like the vineyard, car dealership, and hotel are probably my least favorite. I dont like the layout of those maps, and I don’t enjoy the large army of suspects.

    My biggest complaint used to be the crackhead “John Wick” AI, but they seem to have fixed that. So now it is the lack of non-lethal options. Or rather, the small number of situations where non-lethal methods are successful. It is entirely possible that this is realistic, and infact that is probably the case, but I like to play in a way that lethal weapons are the absolute last possible option necessary. I am playing a law enforcement game, not a military covert ops game afterall. On the other hand, when SWAT enters a situation, I suppose that all other non-lethal options are probably already exhausted by that point. SWAT is basically the “covert ops military branch” of regular police.

    That and performance being very inconsistent. Sometimes even within one mission my framerate goes anywhere from 120 to 20 fps, and it doesn’t seem to be completely consistent. It has certainly gotten better over time, but it still needs work.