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  • boem@lemmy.worldOPtoAndroid@lemmy.worldSony Xperia 5 V review
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    • Classic design, compact, lightweight, grippy, well-protected.
    • Excellent OLED screen with immersive aspect, 120Hz, HDR10.
    • Outstanding battery life.
    • Superb speakers.
    • The latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset.
    • Great photo quality across all cameras, day and night.
    • Dependable video quality, great sound, top-notch stabilization.
    • No-nonsense launcher based on Android 13.
    • Plenty of professional camera apps.
    • 3.5mm jack, microSD expansion, physical camera shutter key.


    • No charger and no cable in the box.
    • No dynamic refresh rate for the screen.
    • No telephoto camera, no macro capabilities.
    • Throttles under heavy loads.
    • 128GB storage is the only built-in storage option.

  • Rather than exist in a society where members of all ethnic groups have an opportunity for success, millions of American whites would approve of a dictatorship.

    Ten million would restore Donald Trump to the presidency by force.

    Recent polls show that Biden and Trump are tied in the presidential race even though Trump said he would suspend parts of the Constitution and construct an all-powerful executive branch with him as the head.

  • Banned for a century because of the filthy water, city swimming is set to be one of the major legacies of the Games thanks to a €1.4bn (£1.2bn; $1.6bn) regeneration project universally hailed as a success.

    Not only are three Olympic events - triathlon, marathon swimming and paratriathlon - scheduled to take place in the Seine in central Paris, but by 2025 three open-air swimming areas will be accessible from the quayside.

  • The parliament that emerged from the national election held in Spain this Sunday and which will begin a new term on August 17 will be the closest thing to a political labyrinth.

    Together, the two right-wing parties did not win enough seats to form an absolute majority (for which 176 seats are needed), and the possibility that the Popular Party (PP) and the far-right Vox could make pacts with other parties to reach it can be completely ruled out given Vox’s unwillingness to work nationalist formations.

    The left-wing bloc that has carried Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s government for the past four years did not win the necessary 176 seats either. For the Socialist Party (PSOE) and Sumar (a grouping of 15 small leftist parties) to form a new coalition government, they would have to come to some kind of agreement with Junts, a Catalan nationalist party.