Original comment, copy-pasted for convenience:

why do so many projects start with a discord and not with a wiki, or github, or web presence?

simply, discord is the fastest, most frictionless way to do the following:

  • garner a community of support ensuring that there is an audience for the project
  • provide access to idea validation for the creators of that project. rapid feedback for their project = rapid progress
  • provide the easy creation of (not necessarily accessible nor good, but) quick resources for the project

forums, websites, hell even github can only hope to match the value proposition of discord, and it’s something people fail to take into account when they criticise the move to discord as a file host/forum/wiki/project website

if you want people to make a file host/forum/wiki/project website, they’re directly competing with the frictionless, fast, yet unsustainable and frankly web-shit discord. the fast, frictionless nature is enough for people to use and accept, hell, even to make infrastructural to their project

a platform that could create a non-webshit, easy way to provide the value that discord provides, all while being just as fast and frictionless if not faster/more lubricated, would absolutely blow discord out the water

I am a sysadmin and my level of tech friction tolerance is different from the people referenced here leading projects, but I’d like to gather opinions on this, the fact that this regularly happens as described suggests there’s a whole lot of truth to it, but i feel like it’s overstating the friction, am i wrong here?

  • aardA
    84 months ago

    It’s been a few years since I gave it a try - so I don’t remember specifics, just the impression I described above, and that it put me off from using it.

    • @ericjmorey@beehaw.org
      4 months ago

      Your opinion here is valid, but I’m really at a loss for how you formed it. It’s no big deal. Everyone has different tastes. I was just hoping to learn a bit. Have a great day.

    • @megopie@beehaw.org
      34 months ago

      It could have been that the discord server you interacted with choose to lay it’s self out poorly. Discord does have some questionable UI choices, particularly around settings. But as a chat/call system it works pretty damn well.

      • radix
        14 months ago

        It does definitely depend on good management, especially now with “community features” that you really need a good admin team to make best use of.